New shipment of SoilFood Machines have arrived!


New shipment of SoilFood Machines have arrived!

Following the recent placement of our GC-200 machines at Te Pae Convention Centre in Christchurch and the Hilton Hotel in Queenstown, we needed to replenish our demo stock!

Would you like to turn your food scraps and food waste into fertilizer? Looking to minimise your waste disposal costs? Our SoilFood machine is the answer to your problems. 

Our new GC-50 machines process 50kg of food waste within 8 hours and are ready for demo use nationwide. Contact me for further technical information or to book your demo 

What is SoilFood?

SoilFood is the only onsite food waste processing system that doesn’t require additional additives and turns food AND compostable packaging into a nutrient-rich fertiliser!

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Extensive lab testing and pot trials carried out by Sydney Environment Science Laboratory (SESL) showed conclusively that the deployment of SoilFood improves soil health and promotes vigorous plant growth by varying application rates.