Safe Handling Of Waste

Contagious diseases, as Corona virus, safe handling of waste – is one of the important steps to implement.

Once again the world is facing a new contagious disease! Steps needs to be taken to make sure we limit and constrain the outbreak of these kind of diseases.
For hospitals it is as always a challenge to work as efficient as possible and in a correct and safe way, both for the patients and the staff.Right now – due to the Corona outbreak – All business's around the world might reflect over how contaminated waste, best should be handled.
Longopac is the solution to every business that handles contaminated waste.
• Hygienic since the bags are replaced and sealed from the outside
• No contact with the waste
• Safe as your waste is tied and sealed
• Smart as residue from the opening goes into the inside of the next bag
• Reliable as the bags are much stronger than other bags
• Efficient – 50% less labour cost
• Environmentally friendly – 70% less plastics and CO2
• Available in a variety of designs to suit your business
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Jon Earnshaw