Frequently asked questions

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Can I still order the original Snowball 50 TB and 80 TB devices?

No. For data transfer needs now, please select the Snowball Edge Storage Optimized devices.

How does Snowball Edge work?

You start by requesting one or more Snowball Edge Compute Optimized or Snowball Edge Storage Optimized devices in the AWS Management Console based on how much data you need to transfer and the compute needed for local processing.

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What happened with the original 50 TB and 80 TB AWS Snowball devices?

The original Snowball devices were transitioned out of service and Snowball Edge Storage Optimized are now the primary devices used for data transfer.

What is AWS Snowball?

AWS Snowball is a service that provides secure, rugged devices, so you can bring AWS computing and storage capabilities to your edge environments, and transfer data into and out of AWS.

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What is Snowball Edge?

Snowball Edge is an edge computing and data transfer device provided by the AWS Snowball service. It has on-board storage and compute power that provides select AWS services for use in edge locations.

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What is the difference between Snowball Edge and Snowball?

AWS Snowball now refers to the service overall, and Snowball Edge are the current types of devices that the service uses – sometimes referred to generically as AWS Snowball devices. Originally, early Snowball hardware designs were for data transport only. Snowball Edge has the additional capability to run computing locally, even when there is no network connection available.

What is the difference between the Snowball Edge Storage Optimized and Snowball Edge Compute Optimized options?

Snowball Edge Storage Optimized is the optimal choice if you need to securely and quickly transfer dozens of terabytes to petabytes of data to AWS.

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Who should use Snowball Edge?

Consider Snowball Edge if you need to run computing in rugged, austere, mobile, or disconnected (or intermittently connected) environments. Also consider it for large-scale data transfers and migrations when bandwidth is not available for use of a high-speed online transfer service, such as AWS DataSync.

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