Again Again

A reusable coffee cup share system, for takeaway without the throwaway.

We are the official partner of "Again Again" cup solutions for supply to events in Canterbury. 

Each year 295,000,000 single use cups are sent to landfill in Aotearoa, all producing methane as they degrade. A large proportion of these are coffee cups. We need to move away from our take-make-waste culture and close the loop on resource use.

For coffee-drinkers who need on-the-go convenience, Again Again is a cup lending system that eliminates single-use waste. Pay a small deposit as bond on the cup and lid. When you return it to the system you will get a full refund.

By keeping resources in circulation, Again Again displaces an enormous volume of waste from landfill. At end of useable life, steel is recycled locally with no loss of quality.