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Introducing the Most Hygienic Bin in the world

Get rid of your wipes with ease using a Longopac Waste Bin

  • No direct contact with the waste
  • 100% of the liner used every time
  • Most hygienic and environmentally friendly way to bag waste at source.

Smarter waste handling and innovative packaging solution

  • Hygienic - bags are replaced and sealed from the outside – there is no contact with the waste.
  • Strong - extremely thin and strong 3-layer polyethylene material.
  • Efficient - time saving on handling, low material consumption and low transport costs.
  • Bag liners come in a variety of strengths and colours allowing for waste separation. 

Keep kids, parents and staff safe with sanitiser stations

Stop the spread of germs and illness with our comprehensive Mobile and In-Vehicle Sanitation Stations.

Both Sanitation Stations include integral antibacterial solutions and are perfect for when there’s no water or soap available.

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