Eco Guardians

Managing food waste simply and sustainably.

Eco Guardians are leaders in sustainable environmental solutions to recycle waste streams into valuable resources. Their team is committed to facilitating sustainability in business practices, for both the good of the environment and the success of your business.

Sustainably are proud to be the sole distributor for Eco Guardians products for the South Island including the transformative Soil Food machine and the world leading Grease Guardian. 

The SoilFood™ dehydration system re-purposes organic waste away from landfill to create a nutrient-rich organic fertiliser. Coupled with  collection services to farms and communities we help improve soil health to create richer vegetables for all of us to enjoy.

Grease Guardian is the world's leading above ground automated grease and oil recovery system at source for commercial kitchens.



For more information click on the logos above, contact us at 03 385 6972, or grab a coffee and have a chat at our showroom, 81 Lower Styx Road, Christchurch.