Fundraising & Grant Groups

Fundraising Opportunities

As part of our commitment to the wider community, we offer on and off-site waste sorting to local charities and fundraising groups.

Rather than outsourcing sorting to labour companies, we present the opportunity for community groups and fundraisers to volunteer their labour in return for a grant payment.

If you're a group interested in a team-based fundraising opportunity that allows you to attend some of Christchurch's best events and also make a difference to the environment, check out more info below.

Composting Food Packaging at Events (CFPE) Initiative

Sustainably is a division of Total Waste Solutions who has a contract with the Christchurch City Council to sort waste as their major events held over the Summer. We have also gained contracts with a number of private events to offer the same service.

CFPE involves having three streams of waste at events (green, yellow and red bins, the same as your household collection) which are hand sorted into the different streams on site at events in order to divert as much away from landfill as possible.

A large part of the initiative involves working with food vendors to use a set of approved packaging which can then be put into the green bin (organics) and be made into compost.

Grant Groups

We use a number of Community Groups as staff on site to bring the initiative to life, we call these groups Grant Groups.

Grant Groups are needed to cover up to four different roles at an event which are:

Bin Ambassadors stand by bin stations and educate event attendees on the correct bins to put their waste into. Giving info about CFPE.  Bin Ambassadors must have good communication skills.

Bin Movers place bins around event site pre-event, remove waste from full bins and transport to the waste yard throughout event, bring all bins to waste yard post-event.

Bin Sorters manage the waste coming into the waste yard including hand sorting all waste into individual waste streams.  We often use a waste sorting conveyor to assist with this.

Litter Pickers pick up litter from the event site and surrounding locations throughout and post-event (this role is carried out by the Bin Movers on event days).

Grant Payment

Following the event we make a payment to the Grant Group based on the number of hours they do in total. Bin Ambassadors pay at $10.50 per person, per hour and the other roles $12.50, as these are more labour intensive.  Please note, we do not pay GST on these fees.


Below are the things that Grant Groups need to adhere to if they would like to join the Grant Group register:

  • Attend a training evening which includes training for the different roles and more about CFPE.  This takes about 1 hours and you will not receive payment for this.

  • Have a good amount of people to call on as most events will request between 6 and 15 people per grant Group (we can have up to 4 Grant Groups on-site at one event).  Please note that I leave it up to Grant Groups to create shifts within the hours we request (e.g. if we require x10 staff for a 10am to 10pm shift you would likely want to break it up into x10 people 10am to 5pm and x10 people 5pm to 10pm therefore needing x20 people all up).

  • Sign a ‘Grant Group Agreement’ outlining our commitments to each other including payment and event cancellation info etc.

  • Staff need to be appropriate for the role, committed, hardworking, reliable, and a minimum of 16 years old.

Interested in being part of our team and making a difference to the environment??

Fill in the Grant Group Registration Form and send to