Fundraising & Grant Groups

Fundraising Opportunities

As part of our commitment to our community, we offer fundraising opportunities through our event waste sorting services.  Instead of outsourcing our waste sorting labour to a company, we reach out to local groups like sport clubs, schools and community groups, and ask them to volunteer their labour in return for a grant payment.  We call these groups Grant Groups and one of our most committed groups has earnt themselves over $10k in grant payments between 2018 and 2020!

 As well as the financial gain, becoming a Grant Group also offers the opportunity to build a positive culture within your organisation.  Whether it’s coming together outside your normal activities, or doing your part to clean up our city, event waste sorting offers a myriad of other positive outcomes that your group can benefit from.

 If you're a group interested in a team-based fundraising opportunity that allows you to attend some of Christchurch's best events and also make a difference to the environment, check out more info below.


 Becoming a Grant Group

Our Grant Groups cover a number of roles on-site at events from standing by bins to educate people on where to put their waste (Bin Ambassadors), to hand sorting the waste on our purpose built infrastructure in the Waste Yard (Bin Sorters).  Following the event, we make a payment to the Grant Group based on the number of hours they do in total.

Below are the things that Grant Groups need to adhere to in order to join the Grant Group register:

  • Attend a training evening which includes training for the different roles and more about CFPE.  This takes about 1 hours and you will not receive payment for this.
  • Have a good amount of people to call on as most events will request between 6 and 15 people per Grant Group (we can have up to 4 Grant Groups on-site at one event).  We also need you to put your hands up for as many events as possible.  Most Grant Groups attend a minimum of 4 events per year.
  • Sign a ‘Grant Group Agreement’ outlining our commitments to each other including payment and event cancellation info.
  • All Grant Group members need to be appropriate for the role, committed, hardworking, reliable, and a minimum of 16 years old.
  • If you’re interested in joining the Grant Group register fill in the Grant Group Registration Form and send to