Grease Trap Separators

"The ultimate grease trap alternative." 


The world's leading above ground automated grease and oil interceptor recovery system at source for commercial kitchens.

With an inherent DNA of reliability and efficiency (97%), the Grease Guardian is the ideal indoor grease trap system for separating grease, oil and food particulates from waste water streams.

Used broadly across supermarkets, restaurants, cafes, sporting arenas and airports, Eco Guardians grease trap alternative is a cost effective solution to mitigate waterway pollution.

The Grease Guardian has been certified and tested in the US, Europe, Asia and Australia with absolute quality and efficiency in mind.

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How it works

The Grease Guardian unit contains a removable strainer basket to capture solid debris. Kitchen trade waste water enters through this strainer and flows into a chamber in which the lighter oils and grease rise to the surface. The now-separated water exits from the grease trap system. An in-built heater is set to the requirements of each installation site to ensure that the oils and grease don’t solidify.

A motor-operated skimming wheel collects the oils and grease electrostatically, where the skimmed oils and grease are collected in an external container, ready for collection by a renderer or recycler.

Benefits of the Grease Guardian 

  • Performance - Grease Guardian is officially the most approved and tested grease removal unit in the world. Made from stainless steel the compact units are ideal for indoor commercial kitchens, as an alternative to large expensive grease trap installation
  • Safety - Grease Guardians conform to both European (CE) and US (UL) electrical safety requirements.
  • Hygiene - Grease Guardians is IP66 ingress protected from water and dust, making it the most hygienic grease arrestor unit on the market.
  • Commissioning - To ensure your Grease Guardian kitchen oil interceptor operates at maximum efficiency commissioning and training is included at no cost to you.
  • Service/Parts - Our factory trained service technicians are available 24hr, 365 days a year. Spare parts are readily available ex-stock, not that you'll need many.
  • Economical - Grease Guardians are highly economical and consume minimal electricity. Operating up to a maximum of  4hrs per day the Grease Guardian can be programmed for fewer days each week to coincide with business hours.
  • Rental/Leasing - Grease Guardians can be leased or rented, minimising capital outlay up front.
  • Reliability - Over one thousand units have been installed in Australia and New Zealand since 1995. In this period we have replaced less than five major parts, that’s less than 0.5% 
  • Sustainability - Grease Guardians remove solid food waste from liquid streams entering the sewer network. It  dramatically reduces the frequency to pump out grease traps thus reducing truck movement, costs and environmental impacts. Recovered grease can be easily recycled.