Orwak Balers & Compactor Equipment

World leaders in compaction and baling solutions for solid waste materials.


Orwak 3115

Soft plastic or small fractions of material

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Orwak 3110

Plastic & Cardboard       

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Orwak 3620

Heavy-duty, large volumes of cardboard

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Orwak 3820

Large boxes or bags of plastic

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Orwak 5030

General mixed waste

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TOM OrwaksSmart Bin

Public waste

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Orwak Baler 13mm Banding 

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Orwak Baler Wire 

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Orwak compactors, baling systems make waste management more efficient and more profitable.

From small waste vertical balers to high density balers, we have the ideal compacting and recycling solution for your individual business needs. 

Orwak offers solutions for effective compaction of many different types of waste material. Due to the high compaction ratio large volumes of loose waste are rapidly turned into neat and compact bales.

Reliable, quiet and sophisticated compaction systems designed to work for you! 


Cardboard is the most common type of material processed in Orwak’s compaction equipment. Empty cardboard boxes contain a lot of air and are compacted successfully. The volume reduction is up to 10:1 when the cardboard is fed into one of our largest balers. 


  Soft Plastic 

Soft plastic has great potential for compaction as it is a voluminous material that contains lots of air and the result is very satisfying when the bales are tied under pressure and are secured by strong straps or wire.

The ORWAK POWER baler family is equipped with a special plastic mode, where the plastic is kept under pressure for 5 minutes for even more successful compaction result.