In a step towards more sustainable waste solutions, Sustainably and Christchurch City Council have installed 2 new Smart Waste Bins "Clean Cube" outside the Riverside Markets, in the heart of the CBD. This area is a high foot traffic location, with a large quantity of food and drink waste being collected each day, often resulting in unsightly and overflowing bins.
The solar-powered smart bins are designed to compact waste and will hold up to 8x the amount of rubbish. With inbuilt sensors, the bin notifies the waste services provider when an empty is required.
This will help manage the constant overflow risk, and will reduce the number of empties required meaning a greater efficiency and lower carbon emissions from vehicle movements.
This is the first step in Christchurch City Council’s larger, smart infrastructure roll out – driven by the City Streets Maintenance and Smart City Team. Their mission; to future-proof the city through the implementation of new, smart technologies.
Smart City Solutions, partnering with local Canterbury business, Total Waste Solutions, look forward to working with Christchurch City Council toward a sustainable and technology driven future.


Standard street bins not capable of holding the increased volume of waste generated from the Riverside Market. 


Solution - Installation of 2 x Smart self compacting Clean Cube bins