Smart City Solutions

Smart City Solutions is the leading smart waste and technology company in Australia and New Zealand. Working closely with our key suppliers, we are here to transform your waste solutions into a technology and data driven asset.

Ecube Labs make smart, IoT-based solutions that reduce operational costs for the waste management industry while making the environment cleaner and greener. 

Sustainably work directly with Smart City Solutions and are exclusive distributors of CleanCube for the South Island.


Meet the CleanCube, the most technologically advanced waste bin. Holding 8x its traditional capacity, this vessle can reduce pick up frequency, reduce labour hours while removing residual waste around bins and reduce trucks on the road.

With a maximum capacity of 1920L when using the standard 240L wheelie bin, the CleanCube will revolutionise the way your council, school, university, shopping centre or park will manage waste.

Clean City Network

CleanCityNetworks (CCN) is our waste management platform and the glue that binds all our solutions together.

CCN provides the monitoring environment, smart dashboard, analytics, and control center in one comprehensive and simple package.

Web-based and cloud-hosted, CCN is available anywhere you have a modern browser and an internet connection. It gives you total control and insight into your waste management operations and has proven cost-reduction benefits in all sectors of your operation.

Watch CleanCube video

Watch Clean City Network video

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