To make your on-site waste processes easier, we provide a wide range of custom-designed solutions, such as; Internal waste & recycling bagging stand solutions, waste compactors, food dehydrators and cardboard and plastic compactors.

Food Waste – Leftovers from the bakery, butchery, deli or fish departments should all be separated properly in order to avoid cross-contamination with recyclable materials. 

Transform organic waste into a valued resource with a SoilFood dehydrator that recycles food scraps into compost.

Dry Mixed Recyclables – such as paper and different types of plastics, should be correctly separated using yellow coloured bags and sent to the recycling skip. 

General Waste – once all the above is properly separated, this waste should be kept to a minimum and put into black or red bags. A general waste compactor can be used to further reduce waste volume, minimising skip collections and transportation costs.

Cardboard  The most effective solution for cardboard collection that also helps to maximise revenue is to have an on-site baler.

Clear pallet wrap – should ideally be bagged and baled to help minimise volume and maximise revenue.

Glass- crush glass bottles in minutes reducing volume, collection costs and time.

Greaserecover grease at its source with a Grease Guardian interceptor.

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Increase production times 

Make it easy for your staff with improved recycling to save money and time. 

Handle multiple waste volumes

Handle the highest volumes of waste, increase your recycling rates, and improve your hygiene.



Recycle correctly and improve your hygiene

Go above and beyond for your staff and customers with hygiene standards.

Crush glass in minutes reducing volume, collection costs & time

Transform organic waste into a valued resource

SoilFood recycles food scraps from commercial kitchens that can then be added to compost. 


Baling solutions guarantee the best total waste handling economy!

  • Less work-related risks in the workplace
  • Choose distributed or central waste handling or both
  • Increase workforce productivity
  • Deal effectively with a wide variety of materials
  • Reduce waste disposal costs
  • And on top of that: Turn recycling into a source of income!

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