Waste Auditing

Spend Less Time On Waste And More Time On Your Business.

Conduct a waste audit to see how much it really costs to manage your waste.

Find Improved Efficiency and Real Savings With A Comprehensive Waste Audit

When you know what waste you generate, how much waste you generate and where you generate this waste, you can then manage this waste for maximum cost-effectiveness, and also be environmentally friendly.

 Waste Audit Waste Assessment
A waste audit is a physical analysis of waste composition to provide a detailed understanding of problems, identify potential opportunities, and give you a detailed analysis of your waste composition. A waste assessment is a visual analysis of waste composition to give an overarching understanding of problems and also identify potential opportunities for your organisation. A waste assessment is ideal to satisfy a range of client objectives within set budgets and limited timeframes.

A Waste Audit will help you clearly identify your waste generation to:

  • Establish baseline or benchmark data.
  • Characterise and quantify waste streams.
  • Verify waste pathways.
  • Identify waste diversion opportunities.
  • Identify source reduction opportunities.
  • Assess effectiveness and determine ways to improve efficiency of your current waste management systems.
  • Gain specific information for local government 
  • Obtain detailed data on waste generation.

A waste assessment may be undertaken to:

  • Determine the quantity and type of waste being generated.
  • Measure performance against current waste plans and targets.
  • Identify areas of non-compliance.
  • Review efficiency of waste and recycling systems.
  • Identify opportunities for cost savings and efficiency gains.
  • Identify potential areas of exposure and risk.
  • Measure performance against Best Practice.


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We guarantee a 10% reduction in general waste volumes following a Total Waste Solutions Audit*