Harmony - Extract Pack Plus Horizontal Liquid Extraction Baler

Baler The ExtractPack Plus is the state-of-the-art mid-sized horizontal liquid extraction baler that sets new standards!

  • Bale Size: 762mm x 470mm x 762mm
  • Bale Weight (Aluminum): ≤ 100 Kg
  • Tipper Dimensions: 3000mm L X 2616 W X 3530
  • System Total Force: 1726 Tonne/m3
  • Volume: Medium To Large

Recyclable Materials:  Aluminum, PET, TetraPak

Estimated Bale Weights:

  • Aluminum Cans: up to 100 Kg
  • Plastic Bottles: up to 108Kg


  • Fast 35-45 second cycle time
  • Heavy duty stainless steel baling chamber, platen and charge opening
  • 783L stainless steel liquid reservoir assembly with custom 2PC straining screen system to catch debris
  • Custom designed stainless steel splash guards, safety covers, and power unit weather cover that have a peaked design to allow for liquid run off
  • All electrical enclosures are stainless steel NEMA 4 rated and all fittings and conduit are non corrosive plastic water tight rated
  • All electrical items are OEM off-the-shelf by design so not waiting around for special orders on replacement items if needed
  • Water proof ultrasonic sensors to monitor charge chamber filling and cycle start operations. No troublesome photo eyes to clean or service
  • Water proof magnetically coded safety switches to monitor all gates and doors
  • Water proof proximity switches to monitor ram locations. No limits switch arms or rollers to keep readjusting
  • Meets or exceeds OSHA and ANSI safety standards


  • This can crusher baler gives you maximum functionality and a broad range of baling and extracting options, along with a wide array of expansion capabilities.
  • Ideal for perforating, baling, and draining aluminum, PET, or Tetra Pak containers with ease!
  • Reduces waste and creates revenue stream with out-of-spec product
  • Saves FTE time, space, and money for your operations

The Extract Pack Plus (PERF-SSHB Gen 1) mid-sized horizontal liquid extraction baler features a host of standard and cutting-edge technology along with extremely high pressure crushing capability to extract and bale for the most demanding conditions.  This innovative perforator is ideal for breweries, bottling facilities, and anywhere out-of-date product needs to be destroyed.

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