Orwak Power 3820 HD Balers


The Orwak Mill Size HD Baler 3820 model has an extra generous loading gate for large boxes or bags of plastic, up to 1500 mm wide. It is very fast with a cycle time of only 24 seconds and is equipped with an automatic shutter that goes up in less than 2 seconds. Press force: 26 ton Bale weight cardboard: up to 450 kg


Orwak Mill Size HD Baler is a dynamic baler family based on an innovative hydraulic concept, Black Star Technology. Stronger, faster and smarter to give you more value for the money! 3820 has an extra generous in-feed opening for large boxes up to 1500 mm wide.

STRONGER BLACK STAR TECHNOLOGY The innovative hydraulic concept, introduced by us as Black Star Technology, is based on the reverse technique of pulling instead of pushing the press-plate downwards when compacting material. Advantages: • the cylinders are at its strongest point when pressure peaks • a long piston stroke These factors contribute to powerful compaction into dense bales! SOLID DESIGN ORWAK POWER, with its light spherical design, the ISO 3834-certified welding of the chamber and the durable cylinder design, is created for a long heavy-duty service life.

FASTER RAPID BALER KEEPS UP WITH YOUR PACE • More throughput at less energy consumption than in traditional baling systems! • Very short cycle time of only 24 seconds! • Autostart and a sliding door that reopens automatically after each press cycle • The gas spring-driven shutter goes up in less than 2 seconds!

SMARTER INTELLIGENT BALER The new PCB features data storage capacity, technical machine monitoring, communication opportunities and – as forerunner in the baler business – full fills performance level D for personal safety.

SPECIAL PLASTIC MODE Equipped with a special software for successful compaction of plastic foil. It gets activated when the baler is run in the manual LP mode and will keep the waste under pressure for 5 minutes to squeeze out more air from the bulky plastic.

MORE GREAT FEATURES – Low-built design for easy transportation and successful installation where space is limited – Silent operation – User-friendly panel – Material selector HP (cardboard) & LP (plastic) – Bale indicator – Bales can be secured by polyester straps or wire

Loading aperture width: 1500 mm

  • Height: 630 mm
  • Cycle time 24 secs
  • Press force 26 ton, 260 kn
  • Bale size width: 1500 mm depth: 800 mm height: 1140 mm
  • Bale weight cardboard: up to 500 kg
  • Noise level ≤ 65 db (a) machine weight 1220 kg
  • Operating power 3-phase 3×400 v, 50 hz t

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