Closing the Loop on takeaway cups for Ōtautahi Cafes


Closing the Loop on takeaway cups for Ōtautahi Cafes

Whilst our priority will always be to support reusable options, (all licensed events we work with utilise reusable cups and we have supported for venues), with concerns around risks of infection associated with Covid-19, consumer demand has increased for single use/disposable packaging within hospitality and foodservice.

With closed loop models implemented in other areas of NZ, Canterbury Landscapes Supplies had been working with leading compostable packaging companies to finalise the successful commercial composting within Ōtautahi, all they needed was a like-minded and able local waste collection partner.  We worked with local waste collection partner Total Waste Solutions who had successfully implemented a compostable food packaging program at events.

The  ‘Full Package’ program provides Front-of-House drop bins for customers and consumers to place their used cups and packaging (including napkins, cutlery, and papers), and a back-of-house wheelie-bin for them to combine their packaging with their other food waste and organics.

By implementing the full package program, 72% waste from participating Café’s and other foodservice is now being diverted from landfill. Not only does this program provide a circular option for the single-use packaging, but the nutrient value of the compost also reduces the need for the use of synthetic nutrients and fertilisers.

Launching in June, we have over 40 customers on the program prior to the August 21 Covid Lockdown. Our end goal is to ensure that all single-use packaging is commercially collected and composted. We are currently collecting approx. 1800kg per week Compostable Packaging – equivalent to 80 tonne per annum.

With approximately 1100 cafes and restaurants within Ōtautahi, we aim to convert 20% to the programme by end of the year.

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