Supporting your business’ waste transformation.  

Waste is a wicked problem and a consideration for every business. By lifting the lid on your waste, you'll discover opportunities for enhancing your waste system and improving outcomes for the environment and your bottom line. As waste experts, we're here to support you every step of the way.

We recognise that no two waste systems are the same, and each one is as unique as your business. We'll start the journey with a Waste System Assessment, however, it doesn't need to start or end there as our years of industry expertise mean we can shape our approach to suit you. Our service offering is so diverse we guarantee you’ll have a tailor-made experience collaborating with our team!  

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Waste System Assessment

As waste experts, we're not afraid of getting our hands dirty!

Our Waste System Assessment is broader than the traditional waste audit which only looks at waste stream and materials. We conduct a detailed examination of all aspects of your business’ waste system to identify key opportunities for change. Our approach includes a site-based assessment evaluating relevant waste practices and equipment, analysing your waste collection data, and conducting a comprehensive waste audit. Collectively, this information provides baseline data, insights, and opportunities for a Waste Reduction Programme.  

Not looking for a full Waste System Assessment? 

We can also customise our approach to focus on a particular impact area of your waste system including stand-alone Waste Audits and/or Solid Waste Audit Protocols (SWAP) for businesses requiring waste quantitative data to support environmental accreditation applications and annual audits. 


Waste Reduction Programmes

Identifying opportunities for change.

Once we’ve rummaged through your rubbish, our team of experts will develop a Waste Reduction Programme that is specific to your business, outlining the pathway to improving waste outcomes.  Your Waste Reduction Programme will include insights and actions relating to our four Ps - place, people, pathways, and partnerships. 

Using this information, we will detail a series of key projects that will help set your strategy and goals for waste prevention, minimisation, and landfill diversion.  Your customised Waste Reduction Programme will lead you towards the delivery of improved outcomes for waste expenditure, staff engagement, and the environment! 

Are you already on your journey, but need some guidance or insights?   

It doesn’t matter if you have already started your waste minimisation journey, or have already completed a Waste Audit, we can still map your current status with your future goals to support better outcomes. We can review your prior assessment results and/or current waste initiatives to identify what can help enable you to meet your waste objectives. 

Our flexible approach means we’ll support your company to create change whether big or small, tailoring our solutions to your needs, aspirations, and budget allocations. 


Waste System Solutions

Our solutions reflect your sustainability needs.  

The journey continues with our industry-leading solutions that support businesses to make positive change. Sustainably has curated a selection of infrastructure and innovations that champion waste minimisation, landfill diversion, and servicing and collection efficiencies.    

Our global connections and local partnerships allow us to source and customise best-practice solutions to meet the unique needs of each business we partner with.  Some of the industry-leading solutions we have direct access to include Longopac continuous bagging solutions, Orwak Balers and Compactors, and GAIA Food Dehydration systems.  

 Get in touch to hear more about these customisable solutions today. If you need assistance implementing these solutions, we can offer implementation project support. 


Implementation & Project Support  

Collaboration for success. 

This is where the real magic happens as we collaborate with you and your partners to support the implementation of the projects within your Waste Reduction Programme. 

Our approach is unique in that it allows you to pick how and when you implement projects, and how much support you require from us.   

Our collaboration projects include: 

  • Developing waste strategies, policies, and guidelines;

  • Leading waste tender and negotiation processes;

  • Creating waste minimisation initiatives and staff education resources;

  • Conducting waste behaviour research projects;

  • Designing waste signage and purpose-built infrastructure; and,

  • Facilitating social responsibility opportunities for waste.

 We can lead or advise on projects ensuring long-lasting positive changes are successfully embedded into your culture. Our collaboration projects have been so successful, some of our partners have been awarded for their sustainable impact! 

 Our list of service offerings is ever-increasing as we pioneer for positive change our team's diverse skill set means we’re seasoned solutioneers and can innovate to create solutions for just about any waste problem!  


Education and Outreach

Educating for the future! 

Education is an important tool for igniting interest, shaping decisions, and influencing actions we take.  To support you with this endeavor, we offer corporate and school education packages that will empower your people to become curious and engaged with addressing waste. 

We have delivered ‘lunch and learn’ sessions tailored to Sustainability events including Recycling Week, Plastic-Free July, and Earth Day, as well as for the recent kerbside collection changes taking place throughout the country. With a background in organisational training and development, we have also delivered workshops, interactive demonstrations, conferences presentations, and online training sessions.     

Waste education plays a crucial role within a business as its impact can extend beyond the workplace offering sustainability benefits for people at home and in the community. We can coordinate outreach activities such as beach/river/street clean-ups, waste-related excursions, other volunteer opportunities.  

Want to learn more about how we can support your sustainability initiatives with education?