Orwak Horizontal 800 AT

Centralised Waste Handling.

Orwak Horizontal 800 AT

Our fully automated horizontal 80 ton baler meets the challenges by centralized waste handling in many businesses and organizations where huge volumes of recyclable paper-based and plastic wrapping are produced. We offer well-proven technology for special demands!

The automatic tying and continuous baling allows multi-shift operation.

Machine Dimensions: (LxWxH) 8515 x 2150 x 3450
Feed Opening 1550 x 1000
Infeed Capacity 1.24m3
Press Force 80 Ton
Motor (kW/Hp) 55/75
Suface Pressure (kg/cm2) 10


Effective large-scale waste handling
Improved internal and external logistics
Safe and comfortable working environment
Excellent control over the throughput
Increased income when delivering high-quality bales directly to the recycling industry

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