Gumdrop Bin

Reduce chewing gum litter.

Gumdrop Bin

Gumdrop is the first bin in the world that is not only designed specifically for the disposal of waste chewing gum, but is also made with waste chewing gum. Gumdrop houses a closed loop recycling process designed to both educate and inspire the public to give gum a second life.
To help reduce the growing strain on the world’s environment we would like to encourage everyone who chews gum to recycle it. By simply dropping your chewing gum into a Gumdrop bin your small effort will go towards making a huge change.  Putting chewing gum into a standard bin may keep our streets clean, however it will not be recycled and will end up in landfill. When used chewing gum is thrown on the floor the repercussions are expansive. Not only does it produce unsightly blots that ruin our landscape and cost a great deal to remove but it also costs us our environment. Not to mention how difficult it is to attempt to remove poorly disposed of chewing gum from your clothes and shoes. The best way to ensure your chewing gum is recycled efficiently and responsibly, is to drop it into a Gumdrop. Gumdrop along with its contents of used chewing gum is recycled and processed into new Gumdrop’s which are then redistributed, so that the cycle can start again.

How does it work?

We offer Gumdrop Memberships, allowing you to choose the number of Gumdrop Bin locations you would like. Throughout your Gumdrop Membership you will be able to use as many as the Gumdrop Bins as you wish. We charge a Membership fee and then a delivery charge for any new Gumdrops delivered throughout your Membership. We clear the stations as they get filled up and the more frequently we do the collections the lower the membership fee.

Where should I put them?

The Gumdrops can be wall or post mounted (we only supply wall fixings). Gumdrops love places with high footfall and where there is a change in action, for instance:
Entrances, exits, car parks, toilets, walkways, near other recycling stations, smoking areas etc.
Gumdrops are generally pretty versatile little pods and can be placed wherever you think necessary, however we do advise that you try to make sure the pods are visible and accessible in order to help encourage people to use them.

How long do the Gumdrops take to fill?

We find that every location is different. We have Gumdrops that fill every five days and others that take four/five months to fill. What we do say is that Gumdrops like to take care of themselves and keep their self-hygiene in check, because of this we ask that the Gumdrops aren’t left out any longer than four months. This way we can keep our brand fresh, and the Gumdrop can keep his vanity in check, making the Gumdrop constantly appealing for the public to use.

When you first start we also think that it is really important to raise awareness of the Gumdrops and start spreading the recycling message as quickly as possible. In order to do this we can help arrange a fun Launch for your Gumdrop bins. These have proven in the past to be a great way to kick-start the usage of your Gumdrops,  the Launch days get people instantly involved in the scheme by raising awareness of the recycling process, whilst also attracting local press.

For more inforamtion you can check some of the Gumdrop case studies here


Gumdrop has proved to reduce chewing gum litter by up to 46% in the first 12 weeks of use
Reduce chewing gum litter

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