Orwak MULTI 9020S - Multi

Create your own mini recycling station with the Orwak multi 9020S!

Orwak 9020S - Multi

This top-loading multiple-chamber solution provides sorting and compaction of different types of materials in one unit and forms a mini recycling plant! The chambers allow for a lot of material and the system can easily be extended by adding additional chambers. A new safety brake has recently been implemented as a standard feature on this model!

ORWAK MULTI 9020S is optimized for:


Metal Cans

Plastic Foil

Other Metals

Plastic Containers

Energy Consumption (standby) 2.7 W/H
Energy Consumption (maximum operation one hour) 800 W/H
Machine Weight Total 1580 kg
Loading Aperture Width: 1100 mm; Height: 700 mm
Cycle Time 35 secs
Press Force 20 ton, 200 kN


MORE PRODUCTIVE USE OF TIME Less time spent on waste handling, more time for your core activities
MORE SPACE & ORDER Our balers rapidly minimizes the space the waste takes up,keeping aisles free and tidy.
LESS COSTS, MORE VALUE More compaction = less waste volume to transport. Fewer transports required results in lower transportation costs and reduced CO2 emissions. Sorting at source yields a higher quality of waste material for recycling.