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  • The crushed glass or cullet produced by the BB22 bottle crusher is collected in a 660 litre bin which will hold approximately 3000 bottles equivalent of crushed glass
  • The machine is suitable for use where there are very large quantities of waste glass bottles being produced i.e. at events etc.
  • The crushed glass or cullet produced is reprocessable in to new bottles.
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  • The BB01 waste glass bottle crusher is the only under counter bottle crusher of its kind.
  • It has been developed for use within the hospitality industry.
  • The machine starts automatically as the glass bottles are fed and the crushed glass or cullet is collected in a box within the machine itself.
  • The BB04 waste glass bottle crusher is typically used ‘back-of- house’.
  • The BB04 reduces waste glass bottle volume by 5:1 or 80% and will crush or break up to 4000 waste glass bottles per hour.
  • Crushing waste glass bottles eliminates ‘bottle clinking’ noise pollution.