Soil Food System - Food Waste Dehydrator


The SoilFood™ System is a proven food waste management process that produces two pathoge-free reusable resources: organic fertiliser and water. Of all the methods of handling food waste, SoilFood™ is unique as an on-site, odour-free process that produces two sterile reusable resources – water and biomass.

Transforming organic waste into a valued resource, a versatile proven re-purposing process creating a pathogen-free organic fertiliser and sterile water stream from your food waste scraps. 

In using the SoilFood™ System, organic waste is diverted from landfill, thereby reducing methane and leachate created from rotting organic matter.


How It Works

Soilfood Food and Organic Waste Recycling System - How it works. Available Australia wide including Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne

Commercial Food Waste Management

The equipment works by heating and shredding the food waste. The process dehydrates all kinds of organic food waste - it's exceptionally good at recycling food scraps from commercial kitchens that can then be added to compost - a better alternative to a digester. Soil Food Fertilizer 

Organic Food Recycling

A controlled dehydration process is carried out inside the food waste recycling machine to evaporate the moisture content. The sterile moisture is condensed, ready for use in irrigation or any other grey-water applications. 

The solid product remaining is a dry biomass that is only 10 - 15% of the original volume of the waste, and is rich in concentrated nutrients. It is sterile and free from weeds, seeds and pathogens, making it an ideal soil amendment.

A machine that processes food waste effectively, and makes a product similar to compost - with far more nutrients. SoilFood! 

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