Glass Crushers

LSM Glass Crusher

Designed to crush glass bottles up to 2 litres in size, the G5 is capable of processing 60–100 bottles per minute and provides a volume reduction ratio of 5:1, reducing collection costs by up to 60% and saving huge amounts of space.

This machine produces a sharp free glass cullet which is variable in size.

Recommended for restaurants, pubs, bars, hotels, nightclubs, bottling plants, recycling plants. 

Easy Fill  Variable size cullet 5:1 volume reduction ratio
  • Reduction: 5:1
  • Filling height: 1650mm
  • Dimensions: 1955mm H x 710mm W x 1255mm D
  • Power: Single phase 220V 50 Hz 1.5 kW motor
  • Machine weight: 320 kg
  • Noise level: 70 dB
  • Bin full light
  • Adjustable cullet size from 2mm to 15mm
  • Throughput: over 2 tonnes per hour
  • IP54 Rating

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GL Sand Glass Crusher

Glass Bottle Crusher
W581mm (23") x H1346mm (53") x 482mm (19") 
Weight: 90kg (200lbs) 100kg packed (220lbs)
Reduction: 10:1 (Safe to handle sand)
Noise: 60-90db
Motor Size: 1.5kw 
Feed Capacity: Single Feed 300kg/ph
Bin Size: 20l (5 Gallon) 40kg (85lbs) Full
Full Bin Capacity: 160 standard beer or 60 standard wine
Power: 220v 50/60hz


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