Smart Bins


Meet the CleanCube, the most technologically advanced waste bin.

CleanCUBE is a solar-powered trash compactor which can hold up to 8 times more waste compared to non-compacting bins, reducing collection frequency by up to 80%. 

It is compatible with standard 240L wheelie bins for easy and safe waste removal, and it also communicates information it collects in real time through wireless transmission to CleanCityNetworks, the cloud-based  monitoring and data analytics platform.

Sizes Power  Aperture Options
240 L 
740x840x1536 mm
wheelie bin compatible   
Hybrid Recycling

 CleanCube Benefits

  • Waste compaction enables bins to hold up to 8x more waste
  • Waste volume and collection history data
  • Elimination of arbitrary waste collections
  • Ability to identify high waste generation areas for optimal bin placement
  • Savings in waste management expenses
  • Clean and hygienic public spaces with less waste overflow, pests, and odor
  • Electricity savings by utilizing solar energy
  • Reduction in hauler truck collections resulting in less fuel emissions, traffic congestion, and noise
  • Ad generated revenue

The CleanCube will revolutionise the way your council, school, university, shopping centre or park will manage waste.